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Want to change your hairstyle? Here's what you should consider first.

Want to change your hairstyle? Here's what you should consider first.

Want to go blonde, get bangs or a shortcut? There are of course some things you need to consider first, everything from products required to maintain, the upkeep and time needed to keep your hair looking its best.

So, before you make a drastic change to your hairstyle make sure it’s the right choice for you.


Don’t Just Chop It Off

With daring cuts popping up in your Instagram feed left and right, it can be tempting to make a big change to your hair.

A drastic haircut can be cathartic but make sure to look before you leap you know if it’s going to be the right change for you.

Rushing into a new cut or colour without considering these possibilities could leave you not loving your do and playing the waiting game before you can get back to your usual length.

Consider the following things.


Will This Suit Your Face Shape And Hair Texture?

Face shapes and hair textures vary widely from person to person and not every cut will suit everyone so it’s important you’re confident it’s the style for you.

For example, if you have really curly hair baby bangs might not suit your hair texture but you could always opt for a longer style of fringe to achieve a similar look.

If you’re not sure if the style you want will suit your face shape and hair texture, a good stylist will be able to suggest the most flattering cuts for both.


Are you prepared to deal with the upkeep of this look?

Something we don’t often consider when lusting after a particular hairstyle is the upkeep.

Consider shorter styles, some short haircuts can be as simple as wash-and-wear while others require heavy styling to look good. These styles might also require more frequent trips to the salon which can make it more expensive to maintain in the long run.


How will you feel about this look in a few months?

Trends come and go so when it comes to your hair make sure you’re thinking long-term. After all, you can always slide those fluffy pink heels to the back of the closet, but have you ever tried to grow out bangs?

If you’re determined to try this style even if it’s only going to work short term, try using apps which will simulate the new style on your photos or pulling your hair back in the mirror to simulate shorter hair or bangs. And be sure you develop a game plan for the grow out stage.


Colour Change

Maybe a drastic cut isn’t for you, what about colour changes? Well, they also need some considerations. Depending on the history of your hair colour you might not be able to safely take your hair to a certain shade without sacrificing some length or the quality of your hair to processing damage.

Essentially, changing up your colour can be fun but be sure you know the basics.



Almost every girl considers going blonde at one point or another but it’s not as easy as one bleach and tone session, especially if you have a long history of dying your hair.

Colour builds up overtime, especially boxed dye and when you go blonde it all needs to be stripped away. This usually requires some strong chemicals so it’s best to go blonde in a salon with the help of a professional and make the change in stages.

Also, be sure to discuss the upkeep with your stylist—blonde hair tends to show roots very quickly, and you’ll need to stay on top of them or get some fantastic highlight work to camouflage. If your colour starts to get brassy, tone with a purple shampoo such as AG Hair Sterling Silver Toning Shampoo.



Who wouldn’t love gorgeous red tresses? But red is not a colour you want to try on a whim, especially if your hair is naturally lighter, red is a difficult colour to get out of your hair.

In fact, even if you’re trying to achieve another colour, treated hair tends to go brassy. So really give this one some thought, and if you make the plunge and aren’t happy with the results, work with a professional to phase the colour out.



Lucky you, brunette is the easiest colour to achieve at-home or in the salon. Make sure you choose a shade with the keywords you want reflected in your colour. Blonde hair usually requires a warmer base when going brunette to avoid an ashy greenish colour.

Whichever colour you choose, be sure to invest in products to soothe your colour-treated hair and protect it from environmental damage like fading.


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