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Should you get bangs?

Should you get bangs?

It’s the age-old question every woman has asked themselves at one point or another. It’s practically an annual tradition, but before you make the cut, make sure this style is the right one for you.

Bangs aren’t a style anyone should get on a whim, it involves a lot more maintenance than most styles, but it can also be a nice change for those who’ve had the same cut for a while.

We’re making the decision to cut bangs easier for you at Blown Lux, read on to find out if this style is for you.


Will Bangs Suit Your Face Shape?

When it comes to certain hairstyles some people’s facial shapes suit them more than others. Bangs is a good example of this.

If you have a round face shape and are considering bangs, the bold blunt look might not flatter your face shape as much as a softer more textured fringe. Bangs cover a large portion of your face and a thick fringe can make a round face appear wider.

However, if you’re blessed with a long, oval face shape you might be just the right bangs candidate. Longer faces mean more surface, for example, take a look at Camila Cabello. Her oval shape suits her bangs perfectly and she can easily rock any fringe look from the side swept to full blunt bangs.

So, before you make the chop make sure bangs will suit your face shape or just what style of bangs will flatter you more.


If You Aren’t 100% Sure, Leave It

If you’re still wondering in the hours before your hair appointment if bangs are right for you, they aren’t.

Bangs are a hair commitment like no other (except maybe going blonde) and require maintenance and daily styling to keep them looking good or at least sitting correctly, so getting them cut isn’t a decision you make without being 100% certain this is the look you want.

The last thing you want is to get stuck with that awkward grow-up faze with a fringe immediately after your cut because you realised it wasn’t for you.


Bangs Are Very High Maintenance

When it comes to those who rarely style their hair, bangs might not be the right choice.

Bangs sit front and centre on your head and don’t easily pin back without a fight, so if you’re used to a get-up-and-go style like a lob, you might be in for a shock with a fringe.

Not only do bangs require daily styling, they also require regular trims. You might not think your hair grows fast but you’d be surprised how quickly that wispy fringe becomes a vision-blocking hazard. So, to keep those bangs looking fresh (and your vision clear), regular trims should be done every three weeks.


It’s Just Hair, and It Grows Back

When it comes down to it, bangs are a commitment, but if you get them and decide they aren’t for you, your hair will still grow back.

So, experiment with your hair however you want and rock that bangs trend.


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